Stick with that new exercise program!

With New Years Resolultions abounding, lets discuss how to stick to a resolution to start exercising!  Naomi Beinart, BSc Psych, presented a recent review in The Spine Journal (December 2013, Volume 13, Number 12) of all the current research looking at this question.  According to Beinart, between 50-70% of patients with chronic low back pain stop their home exercise program, despite knowing that exercise is a major way to treat low back pain.

Here are some positive factors in predicting the continuation of an exercise program:

1. If you believe you have control over your health, and your back pain, you are more likely to keep exercising.

2.  Actively develop your own exercise program.  If you work with a personal trainer, or Physical Therapist to design a program specific to you and your needs, you are more likely to succeed.

3. Working with a health care provider or therapist while exercising  increases your success rate!

4. Psychological counseling to work on self-motivation will help you succeed.

In summary, the more you believe that you control your health, help develop your own exercise routine, and have supervision while exercising, the more likely you are to keep your exercise program and your New Years Resolution.  Some people may benefit from counseling to help motivate themselves.

For supervision, you can try working out with a friend who has lots of experience, or perhaps sign up for weekly sessions with a personal trainer.  Another option may be to enroll in an exercise class at a local community rec center.  If you have persistent significant pain with exercise, seek medical help.

Good Luck!

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