Dr. Colliver Earns Ultrasound Accreditation

Ultrasound can be as sensitive as MRI for diagnosing many muscle, nerve, and ligament injuries.  In fact, some injuries can only be found by ultrasound, such as a dislocating tendon or nerve. Also, ultrasound is useful for guiding injections with more precision than standard injections without imaging.  However, it is very user-dependent, it takes a lot of training and practice for a provider to be skilled enough to know how to interpret ultrasound images.

Dr. Colliver has been using ultrasound in the clinic setting longer than any other physician in the New River Valley, and now has added a nationally recognized accreditation to his list of accomplishments.  Registered in Musculoskeletal Sonography Credential (RMSK) is only given to qualified individuals who pass a national examination and who continue regular education in ultrasound interpretation. For further information please visit the ARDMS website.

*Image originally published by www.uwhealth.org

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