Avoid this dangerous drug!

The World Health Organization has posted guidelines on sugar consumption since 2002. In their guidelines, they recommend limiting sugar to less than 10% of your calories and those who limit sugar to less than 5% get even more benefits. For most, that means we shouldn’t have more than 25 grams.

WHO guidelines

I am traveling to an Advanced Ultrasound course and picked up a processed package consisting of crackers, dried fruit, jerky, cheese, and almonds for dinner and it alone had a whopping 29 GRAMS of SUGAR!

that’s means I have already blown my sugar intake for the day. Humans have lived over hundreds of thousands of years without processed sugars, meaning our sugars mainly came from our fruits and vegetables.

How can we meet these guidelines? The easiest is to make your own food! That does not have to be fancy. Reach for carrots or apples for a snack. Don’t reach for something from a package.

Good Luck!


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